Malvestiti S.p.a.

Founded in 1945, E. Malvestiti S.p.a designs and manufactures high precision blanking molds with both steel and hard metal blanking parts.


Crippa S.p.a.

Crippa S.p.A. has been involved for over 70 years in designing and manufacturing machines and processes for bending and processing metal pipes.



The In.Pack Machinery group boasts of having a history that was born in 1956 from the drive of entrepreneurs in love with their work and their customers. The group is made up of the Amutec, Mobert and Scae brands. Pietro Santoro becomes CEO of the Group leader in the production of machinery for sustainable packaging.



Kailios will assist the company in defining budget models, redesigning the organizational model and drawing up the five-year business plan. Advanced techniques and professionalism, commitment and experience, organization and efficiency.

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