"Have the courage to follow your heart and your intuition."

- Steve Jobs -


Board and Management Advisory Services

Professional support for entrepreneurs and managers

We work alongside entrepreneurs and managers to identify the best value creation strategies, jointly defining business plans for the sustainable increase in profits and cash. We provide assistance in finding suitable financial services, in defining investment plans, evaluating and executing mergers and acquisitions, building business partnerships, identifying and managing technological innovations and synergies with other companies, research centers and universities. Finally, we assist family businesses in the aspects related to the generational transition, both from a legal and management point of view.


We give our contribution for the identification of the right financial and industrial partners

We support entrepreneurs in finding the best industrial and financial partners for exit programs, even partial, linked to growth objectives or management of the generational change. We also provide support for defining capital increases and financing of investment or restructuring plans. We help the client in finding the best partner, in building and implementing the most effective debt strategy, evaluating and selecting alternative sources between them.


We help the company in continuous improvement

Increased efficiency in production, reduction of warehouse levels, containment of waste and rework: these are just some of the areas of our intervention for the optimization of Operations. In particular, we support companies in identifying existing improvement opportunities in the Supply Chain and Manufacturing Process, in concert with the Finance, Engineering, Purchasing and HR functions. We work with managers in the implementation of a World Class Manufacturing program aimed at the elimination of waste and the acquisition of competitive advantages. Starting from the identification of the main transformation and purchase costs, we help the company to identify and measure the main losses, building together an improvement plan and related system of indicators for constant and systematic monitoring.


We offer coaching plans in the areas of strategy, corporate finance and organizational change

We develop and deliver customized coaching programs for entrepreneurs and managers on the topics of Corporate Strategy and Finance, Lean Manufacturing, Executive and Board management, Leadership and Organizational Change. The programs are specifically designed to support the generational transition in family businesses but also for companies already managerialized who wish to explore these issues in depth. We start from an analysis of the organizational structure, identifying and measuring the gaps with respect to an ideal structure with benchmarking techniques, thus building a training plan tailored to the specific business needs.

Private Equity and Venture Capital

We operate, also co-investing, both with Private Equity funds and with Club Deal

We seek investment opportunities, also participating directly in the related due diligence activities. We organize, participating directly in the management of invested companies, Club Deal operations with both Italian and foreign private investors. We propose ourselves as a partner to identify and accompany the best exit path from a deal, starting from the definition of the list of possible financial and industrial investors and continuing with all the process management activities (contact, information preparation and management presentation, analysis of offers, participation in the negotiation up to the signing and subsequent closing).

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