IMP - The heart of technology
Kailios will assist the company in defining budget models

Kailios will assist the company in defining budget models, redesigning the organizational model and drawing up the five-year business plan. Advanced techniques and professionalism, commitment and experience, organization and efficiency. These are the foundations of IMP Spa, founded in 1978 and today among the first companies in Italy for the design and construction of molds for the processing of thermoplastic and thermosetting resins for the production of high precision components.

Fully inserted in a geographical context with high production capacity, in recent years IMP has been able to evolve together with the demands of the market and its customers, supporting them in their internationalization strategies and still supplying its customers in four continents (Europe, Asia, Africa, America).

For over 40 years, IMP Spa has always guaranteed its customers flexible organization and production, offering advantages of an economic nature and technological development. IMP's commitment is characterized by the search, from the earliest stages of a project, to achieve the highest quality of its products and molds, designed to offer maximum productivity while ensuring low maintenance costs.